«Sign Gene», the deaf superheroes arrive to the cinema.

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«Sign Gene», the deaf superheroes / mutants arrive to the cinema

Their power is generated by the sign language. Produced and directed by Emilio Insolera, shot between Japan, United States and Italy, the film has a single date: September 14

by Michela Trigari

Much more than a deaf 007. Tom Clerc is a deaf secret agent from the Qia, a Pentagon affiliate agency composed of mutants. He has a powerful gene in himself, one of the 29 capable of creating supernatural powers through the use of the sign language, but unfortunately he lost them during a violent fight against, a criminal organization based in Milan dedicated to extermination of mutants bearing the very “Sign Genes”. QIA’s chief sends him to a mission, along with his colleague Ken Wong, from New York to Osaka to investigate a mysterious crime. There, Tom will find out that his powers are not completely lost.

A movie starred in three sign languages

It is a plot between science fiction and adventure, this “Sign Gene”, a film production directed by the exuberant Emilio Insolera (who also plays the role of the protagonist). A kind of  experimental film, which has been filmed between Japan, the United States and Italy, because in addition to being a film, it is also one of the few films on the big screen, mostly played in sign language.  There are even three: the Italian, the American and the Japanese ones (every country, in fact, has its own).

On September 14 at the Uci Cinemas

It was filmed also in the family (between the actors, two of them are the director’s relatives), with a budget of just 25,000 euros, the film will be released on September 14 in the Uci Cinemas circuit halls, the only projection date planned in Italy so far. Class 1979, Emilio Insolera is himself deaf. Born in Buenos Aires by Italian parents, themselves deaf as well, he grew up in Italy. Graduated in linguistics and film at Gallaudet University (Washington DC), one of the few universities in the world for deaf students, has a MA in Mass communication  at La Sapienza University in Rome. He has also lived in New York, where he worked for MTV.

Language is not just “sonore”.

“The idea of the subject was born during a trip to Japan, the country of manga and anime –  says the director of ‘Sign Gene’ – and I wanted to use science fiction because, thanks to special effects, is a genre that uses imagination and can make visible what is invisible to the eyes. I myself consider the deaf people as superheroes, protectors of the visual language (specifically I did not say visive). The message of the film is that the language is not just sonore In addition, Italian public channels should invest in sign language for cinematographic or artistic production: it is a road to be totally explored. And the schools should teach LIS, starting with the early age like we do with with the spoken Italian” concludes Emilio Insolera.





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