“SIGN GENE” at Palermo, the first generation of deaf superheroes in arrival to the UCI Cinemas

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Projection of the movie “Sign Gene” at Uci Cinemas Palermo on September 14, 2017

On Sept. 14 to 21 at Uci Cinemas Palermo circuit will be screened Sign Gene, the feature film that brings the first generation of deaf superheroes on the big screen.

Produced, directed and interpreted by Emilio Insolera, Sign Gene tells the story of Tom Clerc, a deaf with super powers connected to the use of Sign Language. The film contains many references to the deaf history and culture and is an unique experiment of its kind, ranging between Japan, the United States and Italy.

Tom Clerc, deaf coming from a multigenerational deaf family and descendant of Laurent Clerc, a famous French scientist who brought the Sign Language to the United States almost two centuries ago. Tom is a carrier of “SGx29”, a powerful mutation of “Sign Gene” and works for Q.I.A. (QuinPar Intelligence Agency) in New York City: a secret agency affiliated to the Pentagon, consisting of selected mutant agents. Tom can have superpowers only through the use of Sign Language. During a violent fight against an organization devoted to the extermination of the bearers of “Sign Gene”,, led by the most vicious enemy, Jux Clerc, Tom’s brother, this last one loses all his powers. But perhaps the hope of recovering them is not entirely out of the question.

The director and producer Emilio Insolera, is a well-known Italian activist born in Buenos Aires, profoundly deaf from birth, Fullbright-Wirth scholarship graduated in Gallaudet University and in Mass Communication with the highest marks at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Insolera is also one of the authors of the first Italian Sign Language multimedia dictionary. The Odeon Cinemas Group is the most important European cinema circuit and is under the company AMC Entertainment Holdings. In Italy there are 49 multiplex structures, for a total of 495 screens.



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